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Floodplain Facts

Local floodplain management requirements are intended to reduce the risks associated with new development in regulated floodplain areas. The City of Austell has adopted specific floodplain development regulations that are consistent with federal standards (thereby enabling participation in the National Flood Insurance Program). These regulations are intended to ensure that new development in flood-prone locations is reasonably safe from flood damage and will not result in physical damage to other property.

Regulated floodplain: The floodplain areas that are subject to floodplain development regulations are those shown on Flood Insurance Rate Maps as Special Flood Hazard Areas with a 1% or greater probability of being flooded in any given year. These regulated floodplains are also referred to as the 100-year floodplain. Approximate maps of the regulated floodplain are available on the Georgia DFIRM flood map viewer website. You may also create and print a FIRMette at the FEMA Map Service Center website.

A series of floodplain management fact sheets has been developed to assist with implementation of floodplain development requirements:

Fact Sheet 01 - Floodplain Development 

Fact Sheet 02 - Non-Building Floodplain Development 

Fact Sheet 03 - Modifications to Existing Floodplain Structures 

Fact Sheet 04 - Residential Structures in the Floodplain 

Fact Sheet 05 - Non-Residential Structures in the Floodplain 

Fact Sheet 06 - Manufactured Homes Recreational Vehicles and Trailers in the Floodplain 

Fact Sheet 07 - Accessory Structures and Garages in the Floodplain 

Fact Sheet 08 - Enclosed Areas Below the Flood Protection Level 

Fact Sheet 09 - Flood Resistant Design 

Fact Sheet 10 - Floodplain Development in Approximate A Zones 

Fact Sheet 11 - Development in Areas of Shallow Flooding 

Fact Sheet 12 - Floodway Encroachments 

Fact Sheet 13 - Floodplain Variances