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Help students understand the effect of human development in the floodplain through the hands-on manipulation and observation of many realistic experiments involving floodwaters and the following damages.

Developed for education and outreach, this dynamic, hands-on, simulation model clearly demonstrates the critical role of floodplains and how development within the watershed can impact stormwater runoff and flooding within the watershed and floodplain areas. Portable, simple, and easy to use, the model features three different “plug and play” headwater trays and a variable rainmaker to simulate several real world scenarios that highlight the importance of floodplain-watershed management.

Model of stormwater demonstration

Bring understanding to multiple environmental science and earth science topics through the hands-on manipulation and clear visualization offered by this model.

A large clear acrylic tank features a durably constructed, hand-painted resin landform insert and a simple rainmaker featuring two different intensities. Three custom acrylic headwater trays for wetland, parking lot, and retention pond simulations also come with a variety of accessories and models for enacting realistic environmental scenarios.

Additional materials are provided for constructing levees and other landscape settings. A custom riser allows for stepped changed in slope and broader experimentation and a staff gage is mounted for clearly and easily measuring river levels. Defined activities, procedures, and background information are outlined in the included curriculum guide.

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