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Pool and Spa Maintenance

Your backyard swimming pool and spa make life more enjoyable.  However, pool and spa water often contains chlorine, bromine and other chemicals. W hile these chemicals keep water clean and clear, they can damage the environment if pools and spas are improperly maintained or drained.

What Can You Do?

Be the solution to water pollution!  Do your part to protect our rivers, lakes, and streams by following these tips when caring for your pool and spa.

Pool and Spa Pollution Prevention Tips

  • Clean your pool or spa regularly, and maintain proper chlorine levels, water filtration, and circulation.  In doing so, you will not have to drain your pool or spa as often.
  • Follow all label instructions precisely when using pool and spa chemicals.
  • Avoid using copper- or silver-based algaecides.  They are toxic to aquatic life. Instead, control algae by regulating chlorine levels, using dye additives or a pool cover to block sunlight.
  • Store all pool maintenance chemicals indoors or in a covered area to keep out of contact with rainwater.  Always keep out of reach of children.
  • Consider using a professional pool maintenance company to service your pool or spa.
  • NEVER drain water from your pool or spa to your driveway, street, storm drain or drainage ditch, a river, lake or stream, or septic system.