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Lead and Copper Program

As required by federal and state drinking water regulations, the Austell Water System periodically performs lead and copper tests through volunteer homes recruited throughout the City. Samples of water that have remained in the plumbing overnight are collected and analyzed for lead and copper levels. Results are compared to the “Action Level” or the established limits set by the United States Environmental Protection Agency for safe consumption.

The United States Environmental Protection Agency is concerned about the health effects of lead and copper, particularly on children. For many years, lead-based paints and leaded gasoline were the primary sources. Now that these products have been phased out, public health officials are studying the plumbing in newer homes as the last significant source. In 1986, the use of solder for water piping was banned in Georgia. In some homes, lead may get into the water remaining in pipes overnight through lead-soldered joints or fixtures. Another possible source is through chrome-plated faucets, usually made of brass, which contains a small amount of lead.

We are pleased to report that there is no lead in Austell’s water supply and our lead testing results are in compliance with United States Environmental Protection Agency’s action levels.

Residents concerned about plumbing problems can eliminate the risk by running the cold water faucet for two to three minutes before using. If a resident's home is built between 1982 and 1986 and they would like to be included in the next round of lead testing, e-mail our office or write to:

Austell Public Works
5000 Austell-Powder Springs Road, Suite 133
Austell, Georgia 30106-2427

Office: (770) 944-4325